7 Graphic Design Books Recommended for Designers

Graphic designing is a creative process which draws inspiration from number of things. Besides inspiration, graphic designers also require some practical knowledge and guidance from resources like books, web sites, magazines and videos. These resources help by touching nearly every point related to graphic designing and business aspect, which in turn helps a graphic designer to come up with new and effective work of art.

How to Think Like a Graphic Designer

Reviewed below are 7 most recommended graphic design books, which are affluent resource for all the ingenious artists. You can click on a book title to go over buyer reviews and place an order for your copy.

  1. Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines – This is one of the must-have books for graphic artists. It debates about a range of topics on how to be successful and effective graphic designer. The book offers recommendations and practical advice to novice designers on the business aspects like fixing prices for their work on different web sites, skill to manage clients, sustain professional relations with them and many more.
  2. Typographic Design: Form and Communication – Proper learning about typography is showcased quite simply and lucidly in this book. This is the 3rd edition of the original and very popular book on typographic design. It provides valuable data and information by including the history and evolution of topography, its anatomy and how it can be incorporated to modern-day design styles.
  3. Sagmeister: Made You Look – Popular, talented and bold designer Stefan Sagmeister records his almost 40 years of prosperous designing experience in this book. His handwritten notes, brilliant designs, interesting sense of humor and tricks are quite unique, memorable and offer an insight into his own fabulous world of graphic designer.
  4. How to Think Like a Graphic Designer – A book filled with honest and revealing interviews, gives you a glimpse into the fine works and thoughts of some of the world’s greatest graphic designers. All of the interviewees have opened up to reveal their extraordinary skills, what they think about design in particular and how do they connect to others effectively… This book in fact gives a rare chance for all the newbie’s to know about great people of the design industry.
  5. Make it Bigger – This book is valuable source, and an intrusive guide for all the designers who work and find it difficult to walk the path between their clients, artists, employees, corporate structures and design professionals.
  6. Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop – As the name suggests, this book concentrates on every aspect of graphic design layout. The information about fine elements of layout actually facilitate in enhancing your work.
  7. How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing your Soul – Well, with so much work on hand, graphic designers sometimes lose their focus and creative zeal. When your mind is blank and not churning out new ideas, make sure of reaching out for this book. It offers practical advice and philosophical guidance to help novice professionals start their career while avoiding them of being employed machine working on inexpressive and soulless projects.

Did you order any of these books? Let us know how did they help you in your graphic design projects.


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  1. Interesting site witha nice layout,the book reviews do a good job in offering more insight to graphic design. there is much more to know and there are a couple of books that I will read. Thanks Ron

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