7 Functional Tips to Simplify Your Website Design

Gone is the age when websites were considered to be just a page to convey some basic information in the virtual world. The new age has accepted websites in a very progressive manner and this is something that has majorly contributed to how the websites are pursued today and the evolution in the web industry.


User acceptance has also given rise to a lot of web development platforms over websites being just built on HTML in the early 21st century. Today we have so many development platforms like PHP, CSS, Bootstrap so on and so forth. With so much of information flowing over the internet and with a definite need for every individual and business to covey all the information and the right message to the visitor, it is certainly a challenge. What is the solution that can help you solve this problem and accept the challenge? The obvious answer is simplifying the web design and making it look more catchy and attractive. Discussed below are 7 functional tips to simplify your website design.

Try and Avoid Unnecessary Jargon

A user is not visiting your website because he has a lot of time, but to answer the question he has in his mind at the moment. That makes it obvious that he is not interested in spending time on reading everything that is written on the site. Keep the content of your website precise and to the point. Deliver trust, goodwill and value to your visitor in the form of content, which will make him come back to you again. This is the first step to building a goal-oriented web page.

Let the Design Be Simple and Catchy

PHP, as a development platform, is known for developing catchy designs and at the same time these designs are also quite simple and appealing to look at. Do not use many contrasting colors as that would not let the user be there on your web page. Instead try and use simple colors, which make the website look decent, professional and appealing to your visitor. Choose the right templates or try and use the UI development tools for your user interface and consider a few options before you finally choose one. A simple and catchy design is what helps your user decide if he has to go to the next page of your website or not.

Images Have Ruled the World

Images are an amazing way of conveying the textual content to the visitor in a precise manner and are also accepted well over text. Try and develop custom images, which increase user engagement on your website and images also directly or indirectly contribute to conveying the right and desired message to your visitor.

Videos Will Rule the World

We have seen a rise in the number of online users switching to videos and the number has always kept on increasing in the past few years. Why? This is because videos have proven to be more competitive over text and images and also are amazing way to get user attention. User engagement with videos is considerably much higher over any other form of media in today’s date. Make more and more videos; keep them short and crisp and place them at the right corner of your website.

Data Was Just Data, but It Is Now Gold and Will Be the Most Precious in the Days to Come

Data is going to one of the most important functional features of your website. We often see a lot of websites, which try to collect data from the visitor, but there are also standard ways of doing that and in today’s technological world it is all about data intelligence. Be intelligent in collecting data, mining data and processing it and getting it when you want. Do not push the user to give you data; analyze the online user behavior and try to get data in the smartest way possible. There are many tools available online to do the same. The smarter you are with data, the smarter your website is simplified.

Automation Is the King

Time is money for each of us today and we would not want to spend time on something that isn’t reaping benefits. Try and find something, which decreases the time consumption and that is automation. Automate your website with an objective to reduce the user time consumption on your website.

Build a Search Engine Friendly Website

SEO is also one of the important aspects of maybe not building a simple website but making the users’ job of finding you easier. Keep the sitemap as simple and user friendly as possible. Build your website in such a way that it is search engine friendly.

Website trends have always been evolving and will keep evolving. The top 7 picks above are the latest trends we have seen based on what the market has accepted today. It’s good to stick on to these, but it’s always better to do something, which the market will start accepting. Hope these tips will help you build the simplest website.

Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to DesigningTips.com. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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