7 Exciting Ways to Bring Middle East Flavour to Your Patio Design

If you have a backyard space, you can convert it into a beautiful area to relax in the natural environment. It also means it’s time to funnel your home decor fuse into your yard. There are few pleasures in life more sublime than enjoying the great outdoors and that too without leaving your home. Deck, porch, lawn or garden can serve as an extension of your home’s carefully wrought style or they can be used to try something different.—or alternatively, it might just be the spot to try something different. What if you try to bring some Middle East flavour to your patio design and décor?


The Middle East has been a cradle of civilisation and is quite rich in its culture and heritage. This richness is also evident in its décor and styling. Modern patios infused with Middle East elements are visually appealing and seem to bring home the charm of an exotic, Middle Eastern retreat. The best part of giving your patio a Middle East flavour is that you do not need extensive space for this bright and brilliant style.

Here’re 7 exciting ways to turn up the heat in your patio and let the Middle East flavour sparkle everywhere.

  1. Middle East décor is all about geometrical shapes. They lay a huge emphasis on having shapes in their designs. So, you can pave the way in colourful tiles complete with complex patterns. It will showcase your unrestrained enthusiasm for life at its dazzling best.
  2. The Middle East decor and architecture is so rich, vibrant, varied and inspirational. Make use of rich colours to make the space exciting, effervescent and even a touch mystical.
  3. To give it the perfect feel, make space for smoking hookah. It is a very relaxing social activity, so arrange your seating arrangement accordingly. Dim lights and comfortable seating with lots of pillows in bright shades create the perfect atmosphere. You can enjoy smoking hookah with your friends listening to light music and chatting your hearts out.
  4. Make use of hand-hammered metal lighting. The exotic lanterns in bright shades lend a Middle Eastern touch to a pergola or patio dining. They are cheap to incorporate and the effect they give to space is phenomenal.
  5. Since your furniture will be outdoors, it will get exposed to sun, heat, rain and dust. So, choose furniture that is both durable and stylish and not to forget comfortable. The main purpose of outdoor furniture is to “beautify your relaxing moments”, so keep this in mind while choosing the furniture. A good addition to bringing in Middle Eastern flavour would be the use of tufted pouffes. These all-weather stools add a splash of colour and can stand in for side tables.
  6. The seating arrangement in any Middle Eastern home has more emphasis on low seating. So, create two three seating arrangements in your patio if space permits and one of them has to be low seating. You can put an all-weather dari or a cosy pallet with lots of pillows in bright shades.
  7. The Middle Eastern design makes ample use of teak wood, ceramics and wrought iron. All of these are good for outdoors. So, you can make use of wrought iron tables, side tables, chairs etc. They are light and easy to move. Then you can decorate it with warm and rich colours in upholstery. Mosaic tables can also be used. They are usually small and low, more like decorative end pieces rather than functional ones. Their main feature is the colourful mosaic pattern on the table-top. It can be made of tile, stained glass, or bits of coloured metal. You can use round, oval, teardrop or any other shape that you want depending on availability.

Middle Eastern décor is something, which combines the best of several worlds. It has the vivid colours of Western Europe, the calmness and spirituality of Asian design, and the cosy comfort of traditional American homes. As the culture and tradition of Middle East is very rich and they have a long-long history, their design draws heavily on local art and history.

So, you can display anything that has a history of its own. You can have decorative arches, wall niches, carved wood or forged wall mirrors, antique oil lamps, candlesticks etc. All these things will throw back your patio to earlier Arabian eras.


Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to DesigningTips.com. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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