7 Exciting Landscaping Design Tips for Your Home Lawn

Everyone likes to make their house look great; there are people who hire interior designers to beautify their house and there are people who spend ample number of hours to plan and set their house. If you have never tried out any landscape design before, then you might be overwhelmed by all the choices that you can make. However, the same principles that guide your room setup inside will guide your designs outside as well. Here are 7 exciting landscaping design tips for your home lawn.


Tip 1

Make a big list of your needs and wants. Do you have kids and do they need some space to play? Will your family gather on a patio? Do you wish to plant? Make some rough sketches of the yard along with the thoughts of where you would like to place things; it is a great organizing principle for landscape design to start off with. Once you make a clear cut plan on how you want your lawn to look like, then things will turn out to be much easier than you think. A foundation is very important for any work; now, after you make a proper plan, things will be much easier to implement. You will have a clear cut path and you will know what you need to be doing.

Tip 2

Properly study the wind and sun patterns. You may want to place a patio on the east side of the house, but it may get lots of afternoon sun. This means dinner time in summer will not be relaxing and may be too hot. The wind whistling around a corner might quickly extinguish a fire pit. These are the most common mistakes in landscape design if you are a beginner. Your design must take into consideration what the sun and wind does at different times of the day or month.

Tip 3

Living with it for a while is sometimes a good idea. Coming to fast conclusions about the yard can lead to choices that do not work in the long term. There may be certain areas in your land where you would want to go and sit, which you would not have thought of when you first bought it.

Tip 4

You have a lot of shows like the home and garden television shows, which are masters at showing a complete outdoor makeover in just 3 days; however, they have a crew of sixty, which is not a something that is enjoyed by landscape design for a newbie. A part of creating a landscape is gradually developing a plan and also enjoying the process. From the master plan, you must start off with a flowerbed, and later go out and work on it for a couple of hours when you have the time. Do not worry about filing everything up right away. Try giving yourself some time to see how things develop. Take time and do things in pieces so that you are happy with the end results. If you completely get into this thing and wish to get it done, you will take too many shortcuts and be sloppy and tired to do it well.

Tip 5

Any great garden design has a focal point or a set of focal points, and it is an easy principle to put in place in landscape design for people who are new to this. This can be a sculpture, a tree, or also a stunning plant, or a set of shrubs. The main point is to draw your eye and clearly move it through the landscape.

Tip 6

Focusing on the scale and pacing. It is probably the trickiest principle in landscape design for beginners; however, scale and pacing gives your yard also a pulled-together look. There will be a lot of variations in the size, color and shape with tall plants against the wall or behind a flowerbed and paths that lead people through the space. You may want to repeat some of these elements whether it is a certain plant, a common color, or a shape; so there is a sense of cohesion. However, you also do not want it to be very monotonous, so try and add an occasional element that is different from the landscape and that will really stand out.

Tip 7

Be open to change, unless you are very strongly devoted to something. Try and be honest about what you prefer and what can fall out of favor. You may like something now; may be after 2 years, you may not like it at all. So, be open to changes.

Patience is the main thing for landscape design if you are starting off. You can do so many things; you have all the freedom to experiment a whole lot of things to see what makes your house look more attractive. You can also take the help of experts if you think you are short of good ideas, which is absolutely fine.

These are some of the tips that can help you make your house look more attractive than before.

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