7 Common Design Mistakes That Could Be Detrimental for Your Website

In the present times, website designing is seen as one of the major line of business. A lot of people think that just a good domain name along with some quality content is fair enough to have a great website. However, they completely miss the fact that the design also impacts a website in a big way.
Website design is anequally important factor like content in a site. If you actually check out some sites online, you will realize that the successful and popular sites are the ones that have a wonderful design along with some quality content and also a proper and refreshing domain name. If you look at it on a large scale, a lot of people are customizing their site to match the new designing trends that are ruling the internet. It is a known fact that if you can adapt to the changes happening, you could have a good site eventually, which will generate a lot of traffic and ultimately a lot of sales.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of designers who still make many mistakes when they design a website. One mainreason as to why the designers make these mistakes is due to thefact that they review their own work instead of asking for others’ opinion before setting up the site.
Here are some of the common interaction web design mistakes.

1. Not Using CSS:


This is actually a tool for providing a good consistency across all the pages to assist the designers take in charge of the site’s appearance. If this is used in the correct manner, it can be really very effective and can give out a proper outcome to the site’s feel as well as look. If there is a page lag, it annoys the readers; sometimes even the owners of the site get irritated. You can get your web page to run smoothly without any lag with the use of CSS.

2. Bad Designing:

Screaming businessman looking at his laptop in office

There are a lot of common design mistakes that are done during the process of the web designing. Some of them overlook these bad designs like the basic layout, improperly arranged screens and they look out and fix the inappropriate content orthe general design features.


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