5 Tips for Graphic Designers to Sketch Wonderful Icons

Summary: An effective guide on the process of wonderful icon designing.

Icons help us in navigating and emphasizing on some of the key aspects of web content as they are more of general separators and indicators. Icons work similarly like road signage’s and you would know that very well if you have ever been on the road, driving.

Icons help you in guiding through web application or a website to locate necessary information and resources in a timely manner.

Web icons should be clear in first few seconds of scanning, and express the apparent meaning of the web content. They do not distract from general web content while making navigational process simpler outlining important features of the website.

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The main values of icons usefulness are general project draft, steady lightning, outlook, considering the market, symbol, etc. Here are some of the important design tips for creative icon designing.

  1. Consider clear symbol – Make it a point to portray the exact web icon for better presentation of web content.
  2. Widen your potential market – You should be able to display supple and precise images as icons in place of comprehensive clip arts. Icons published on the page should be identifiable and fit the exact business areas. Simple and recognizable icons should go well with your web projects.
  3. Use remarkable color blend – You should consider testing different colors and shades. Attention grabbing colors with the unusual images will fetch your visitor’s interest with the desire to click on those icons. Design and create outstanding icons. Keep in mind that flash colors are annoying for the plain interface.
  4. Always think about prospective clients – Think about using common images that are standard and easily acknowledged by website visitors from any part of the world. You web icons are considered universal regardless of traditions, religions, boundaries and groups.
  5. Follow a streamlined process – Work on a basic concept and draw a sketch with the help of effective colors and forms. Seek help of a neighbor or a friend in order to find out if you were successful in designing a great web icon concept by grasping their attention within initial 1 or 2 seconds.

You can add some wonderful icons to your website and instigate visitors by being creative and artistic, in our opinion.


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