5 Simple Adjustments to Change the Feel of Home Interior Design

Are you sick and tired of the way your home looks? Perhaps you’re planning on re-doing the home interior design as it’s just not quite presentable. No matter the reason that you want to improve, check out these few ideas that can help change the entire feel of your abode.

Add Some Color

If your house seems too dull and boring, a simple solution will be to add a bit of color to the decor. This will help brighten up home interior design and add a sense of character while eliminating that dull quality. There are countless ways to add a bit of color, including:

  • Painting the walls
  • Adding colorful curtains to the windows
  • Hanging artwork on the walls
  • Displaying plants inside the house
  • Putting down an area rug
  • Adding accent pillows to the couch or bed
Home Interior Design of Mirage Maple Savanna
image source Flickr by Mirage floors

Update Home Heating System

While the heating system won’t change the look of your interiors, it can definitely affect the overall ambiance, putting you and your guests in a more comfortable place. Not only does an updated heating system make the house more comfortable, but it can help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Check out different home insurance quotes to see how much it could save you.

Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows can change the way your home looks and the atmosphere as well. Old windows can easily let air into the home while delivering an outdated appearance. With new windows, however, your home gets a makeover with better insulation aspects. You can find new windows that insulate better and are more energy-efficient while saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

Change Your Lighting

If your home seems dark and dreary, you can easily fix that by replacing your lighting fixtures. Pick fixtures that allow more light into the room and replace your bulbs for brighter ones. Other suggestions for brightening your home include:

  • Adding mirrors
  • Washing & cleaning windows
  • Using lighter material shades
  • Opening the blinds often

Organize the Home

One of the biggest problems people have with a home is that it doesn’t feel very homely while it’s too cluttered and out of order. You can easily fix the home interior design to make it feel like a residence again. Use the following helpful tips for organizing your clutter:

  • Use storage totes instead of piling everything in a heap.
  • Use drawers, a magazine rack, or other organizing tools to get those hard-to-place items out of the way.
  • Install hooks near the front door, in the bathroom, and in the closet so that jackets and towels aren’t strewn across the house.
  • Purchase more laundry baskets if you have trouble finding a place for your dirty clothes.
  • Use a shoe rack to store your shoes.
  • Use a toy box or other organizing devices for your child’s room.

No matter why you need to give your home interior design a makeover, these ideas should help change the overall feel of your home. The changes won’t take much time, however will make significant improvements.


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