10 Effective Website Design Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Site

In the present times, having a website is the key source of business to many companies. Thousands of companies are busy in setting up the website everyday in order to boost their business. However, they miss out some key tricks for some effective website designs. This factor could bring down the businesses as well as the revenue.


If you are thinking about those key tips that most of the online business owners and webmasters miss, then do not worry. Here in this article you will read about the10 most effective web design tips, which will not only make your website feature rich, but also boost your business.

1) Placing Stuff at Relevant Positions – Some of the key elements such as the logo, content, footer, navigation bars and other elements should be placed at proper position so that the users will be able to easily understand what your website is all about. You have to maintain the order of precedence for simplifying the way for your audience to read the content. A lot of things should be taken care of like the color, size and contrast.  The color can convey to the users about where they should look. Usually, it is better to utilize bold colors with element for drawing the users’ attention to the desirable content. A bigger size of first content is usually used to reflect the highlights of the preceding content. The difference in contrast of the elements will also make it easy for the users to differentiate between the functioning and non-functioning content.

2) Embedding Spacing in the Content –Spacing in the site’s content makes the web pages simple. It is not necessary that you use all the spaces in your web page, Use the space that can present everything about your organization effectively. When you embed the space, you should consider these two elements: padding and line spacing. Talking about padding, the space between images as well as the text or video must be embedded in order to give proper view. The line spacing in between the textual content must be made effective so that the readers will easily understand the content.

3) Deploying Cogent Navigation – The navigation system must be logical and very clear for enabling the users to go to the required web page without hassles. Many of the webmasters jeopardize their whole website by adding in complex navigation in terms of making the website look cool; however, they forget that navigation plays the most important role in increasing the traffic. The text on the navigation button should be very clear so that visitors have an idea about the page where they will be directed after clicking on the navigation button.

4) Using the Right Typography – Using good typography can make the website design look impressive. Therefore, you should make use of text format, which reflects the right meaning of the content and also enhance the design of the website.

5) Call-to-Action Feature – Try and use the Call-to-Action feature effectively. It is the finest approach for converting the user into customer. With the help of interesting content and navigation process, the webmaster will be able to make the call-to-action successful. One should also make sure that there is no broken link.

6) Display Clear Message on Homepage – The home page should display a clear message so that the users understand the content at the first glance. The message should include the answer to some simple questions such as how you can help them, what is the purpose of the site, how are you different as compared to others and so on.

7) Install Social Media Buttons – These days, millions of people are connected via social media. So, it is good to use the potential of social media in order to promote your site. This is very much possible by adding the social media button along with the content so that users will be able to share the content on different social media sites. These things will make your website popular in social media and thereby increase the traffic.

8) Consistency Is Key – Consistency in design and content should be well maintained. While designing different web pages, it is very imperative that every webpage has the consistency in all the attributes. The web pages must not be very different from one another in terms of design and content so that the users will not face any problem reading.

9) Drafting a Clear Resolution – The site owner must draft clear pixel in the design, which means the layout of your webpage must have the sharpness to attract the visitors. The sharp design gives a nice and clear view. The cross browser compatibility must be considered in order to enable the user to access the website from different browsers.

10) Identifying the Right Audience – While you do the development of content, having awareness about the audience is essential. Give your time to research about the kind of audience you need and then go ahead and prepare the content for your website. This will surely increase the site’s traffic.

Manmeet Singh

I currently hold the editor-level position with DesigningTips.com and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to DesigningTips.com. In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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