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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Oct 11, 2016     No Comments    Posted under: Website Design

Believe it or not, how to choose best WordPress hosting provider is a million dollar question today. Web hosting is the most important element in running a successful business on a website which in turn helps you enhance sales while improving over-all search engine optimization (SEO).

There are hundreds and thousands or maybe more options available for best WordPress hosting provider ranging from free to paid, depending on your requirement. Some other options available are shared hosting, managed hosting, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated hosting, etc.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Interestingly, WordPress content management system (CMS) is one of the most popular light-weight platform which operates almost 26% of the overall Internet, adding over 50,000 new sites every day. You can create a beautiful website powered by WordPress for businesses, professionals, and bloggers.

In order to run a WordPress site on your hosting provider platform, you’ll require PHP version 5.6 or greater along with MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater. WordPress also advocates Apache or Nginx which is the most hearty and element-full server for running WordPress CMS, however any hosting server that supports PHP/MySQL will work. That being said, you should do your home work and check with each available option to get the best out of all. You should also check to see whether your WordPress hosting provider supports easy 1-click install option?

We at have ample experience in the web services industry and have helped hundreds and thousands of customers in choosing the right and best WordPress hosting provider. We are also aware of the importance of choosing best in the business and will share our expert opinion.

Our objective with this write-up is to suggest points you need to mull over while choosing a right hosting company.

You should be aware of your web hosting requirements while choosing your hosting provider, keeping in mind uptime reliability, server speed and security which are also key aspects to consider. Knowing your WordPress hosting requirements could help you save at least few thousand dollars each year.

Knowing Your WordPress Hosting Requirements

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Choose Your Best WordPress Hosting Provider

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7 Common Interaction Web Design Mistakes

Jun 12, 2016     No Comments    Posted under: Website Design

Designing a website can surely be taken as a fun challenge. Earlier, people used to think if they have good content and the right domain name, they are good to go. Not much importance was given to the design factor. In reality, a successful website is a perfect blend of great design, content, functionality and domain name.
If all these factors are taken care of, then there is no hindrance to increasing traffic and sales, but if any one factor is compromised it can result in undesired results.
Here are seven common mistakes that can lead to unhappy customers and ruin your business prospects. Take care not to commit these mistakes while designing your website.

1. Tiny Clickable Areas:


Hyperlinks are meant to be clicked. But if they are designed in a manner that they are too small then the purpose is lost. A large clickable area makes it easier to hover the mouse cursor over the link, especially in a case of those users whose hand movement with the mouse isn’t very precise. Care should be taken while designing to either make the whole link bigger or increase the padding around the link. Users should get the feel that the links are working with them and not against them.

2. Using Pagination for the Wrong Purpose:


Pagination basically refers to splitting up content into several pages. It is used on websites that have long lists of items. If everything is displayed on the same page, then it makes the page slower to download. Using it for content pages to increase page views or to squeeze more money from ads get annoying for the users. It is like creating a barrier for the visitor as he needs to load several pages just to read one article.

3. Slow Loading Sites:


Slow sites are “no sites.” An average attention span of an online user is 3 seconds. If your site takes longer to load, the users will be frustrated and leave your site without clicking or converting on any actions. This rule is true for landing page as well as all interior pages.


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Top 10 Color Palettes to Inspire Your Web Design

May 28, 2016     No Comments    Posted under: Website Design

Color is the most powerful and customizable component of web designing. It sets the tone, creates orders and ignites emotions for your website. Whether you are revamping your business site or developing a personal portfolio, it’s crucial to have a control over your image by selecting the right scheme of color for your website. Good choices of color need careful planning and when chosen rightly it can influence the way in which a visitor interprets the typography and layout.


Everyone has his or her own favorite color, which they tend to get attracted towards when it comes to selecting their choices, but a skilled designer knows the significance of assessing the scheme of a color depending on the colors’ meaning with respect to the product or service that’s being promoted. Selecting the right color palette might seem to be a daunting task, particularly when you take into account the innumerable combinations possible. We’ve tried to make it easier for you here by listing the top 10 color palettes to inspire your web design.
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The Five Secrets to Achieve Simplicity in Web Design

May 20, 2016     No Comments    Posted under: Website Design

Building an amazing website is very important for the success of every business that depends on online sales. It’s also important on the graphic perspective – how it looks – users should find it appealing to look and easy to use. Equally important is the simplicity aspect of web design if you want to develop a great website. Website could be technically simple or great to look, which seems simple. Let’s consider a few perspectives in this script.

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Top 10 Design Tips to Upskill From Apple

Sep 23, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials

There is no question as to why shouldn’t we learn something related to design, or anything for that matter from Apple. It is the most innovative technology company in the world at present, so why not?

There are hundreds of companies that try to innovate, and introduce well-desired design trends in order to please their consumer base. However, you will hardly find any company that truly sets the pace upwards with appealing design trends.

Well, guess what? We have found that ONE company and today we’ll analyze the top 10 design tips to learn from Apple in making gorgeous products.

  1. Simple yet elegant web designSimple yet elegant web design
  2. Implement wondrous product shotsImplement wondrous product shots
  3. Highlight the minute details
    Highlight the minute details
  4. Make it easy & helpful
    Make it easy & helpful
  5. Use a robust grid structure
    Use a robust grid structure
  6. Publish instructional help
    Publish instructional help
  7. Be consistent and confident
    Be consistent & confident
  8. Publish required legal note
    Publish required legal note
  9. Design appealing icons
    Design appealing icons
  10. Extensive footer menu links
    Extensive footer menu links
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Puneet Pal

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