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Decorate Your Home Using Wood Beams

Dec 4, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

Decorate your home using wood beams as they can be a stunning addition to the interior design of any house. Wooden beams add their own character to the interior decoration of the house, and they can also add a touch of history in whichever room they are used. Even though wooden beams might cost more than your stipulated budget there are several options available using which you can add style and elegance to your house well within your budget.

Structural wooden beams are usually made of decorative wood which create the illusion of sturdy and solid wood thus reducing the cost factor. Similarly wooden beams made of faux wood are also quite light on the wallet while adding exquisite style and elegance to your house. The wooden beams made of faux wood are composed of several types of plastics which are extremely cost-effective yet high on the style factor. Hence decorative wooden beams and structural wooden beams can add a distinct style to the interior decoration of your house.

Solid Wood Beams:

The rustic appearance of the wooden beams will set your home apart from the others. In case you are building your home using timber post or timber framing the beam construction made from solid wood will be by default in your house. Hence all you need to do is decorate the exposed part of the wooden beams and you can create a different interior aspect in your house at no extra cost. The solid beauty of the timber wooden beams will definitely surpass the beauty of structural wooden beams made of faux wood.

Decorate Your Home Using Wood Beams

image courtesy: google search

Incase your budget permits you can use wooden beams made from pine, chestnut, oak, birch or even Maple which are sanded and polished depending upon the interior decoration of your house and then fixed in the desired positions. Though expensive the wooden beams made from solid wood will definitely be worth the expense.

Faux Wood Beams:

The faux wooden beams are sold across many furniture stores as a cost-effective solution to the classic solid wood beams. The faux wood beams are made of polyurethane plastics and hence are almost indistinguishable from the real wooden beams. Not only are the faux wooden beams cost-effective but they are also easier to install since they are extremely lightweight in comparison to the solid wood beams.

Since the wood beams will form an essential part of the interior decoration of your home it is best to get them installed by an expert so that you can enjoy the beauty of the wooden beams for many years to come.



I currently hold editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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How to Add Color to a Room Without Painting the Walls

Aug 8, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Interior Design

Everyone likes to add a color to a room to brighten it up and bring in a fresh feel. Paint is the obvious way to do this, but it’s costly, messy, and time-consuming. Additionally, you’re living in a rentable unit and painting the walls could be off limits.

With that in mind, here are six great ideas on how to add color to a room without painting the walls:

Color Pop Accents

How to Add Color to a Room Without Painting the Walls

Image Via Flickr by Robert Tewart

In a room with neutral colored walls and furniture, some well placed brightly colored pillows or ornaments are extremely effective in bringing the room to life. This is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to transform a room as you can simply buy a few color-coded items that will completely change the mood of the room.


A new piece of artwork on the wall makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a room. If you’re a passionate photographer, then why not get one of your favourite shots blown up and printed on canvas to show off your talents and enhance the space without the need for paint. If you’re not artistically inclined, then don’t despair as you can find some great steals in the local charity shop or via an online marketplace such as


Drapes not only add soft accent light into your room, they also bring a whole new vibe. Drapes are easy to pick up from your local fabric store and they cost next to nothing. If you’re a dab hand at sewing, then you’ll be able to whip up some funky drapes to liven up your room in no time.

Natural Elements

Nothing adds color to a room like natural flowers. Beautiful blooms come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning you’re sure to find something to suit your decor. All you need to make to bring this idea to life is a few vases and a little water. Plants are also an excellent mood booster and will help improve indoor air quality. apartments for rent in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles are sometimes in congested areas of the city, where trees and green grass are nonexistent. In these cities, adding any kind of natural elements will enhance your apartment.


Rugs add a whole new dimension to a room in an instant. Just because painting the walls is a no-no, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with styling. From soft shaggy rugs that feel like you’re lying on a cloud to long runner rugs that make a dramatic statement, this is one idea you can get creative with. Don’t be afraid to layer your rugs either. Depending on the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve, layering gives you the freedom to experiment with a range of textures and patterns.


These days furniture comes in a variety of colors so you can spruce up your room without the need to unnecessary extras. If you’re not a fan of cluttered walls or you are working with a small space, then colored furniture is the perfect answer. Can’t find a piece of furniture in the color you want? Grab your overalls and paint it yourself.

A dash of color can make a huge difference to any room, and paint is not the only way to achieve this. There is a whole host of ways to add color to a room, and they don’t have to be costly.



I currently hold editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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Do’s & Don’ts of House Decor Improvements to Save Money

Jul 30, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials

When you’re trying the house decor improvements, there are quite many options available. Some of these are extremely expensive. However, you don’t need to throw all your life savings into the do-up. There are some aspects you should overindulge, while a lot of other great options where you can actually save some money.

Save with Faux Wood Flooring

You’ve decided on getting wooden floors. This enhancement will improve the look of your home, with definite increase in its value. However, if you go with faux wooden flooring, you can actually save a lot of money. There are a variety of wood-style options to choose from that stand up just as well, if not better, and look amazing.

Save with Storage Containers

Did you know that you can make your own storage containers out of things you probably have lying around the house? Instead of spending money on branded storage boxes, spend a little bit of time on a DIY storage project. What do you need to store? There are a lot of options, including CD spindles for ribbon if you’re a crafter, or old baby food jars for screws.

Save with Lamps

It’s important to have great lighting around the house, but it’s also good to remember that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on lamps. If you find the perfect lamp, but it’s extremely expensive, take a look online and perform search at It’s likely that you’ll find a very similar lamp for half the price or less.

Spend on Windows Treatments

Your windows enhancements help pull the room together. It’s not a good idea to skimp on these improvements. Make sure you get the best and perfect window curtains by The Shade Store. Whether you spend a lot or very little on the windows treatment doesn’t really matter. Making sure that you get exactly what is required for each room, now that’s important!

Spend on Seating

House Decor Improvements

Image via Flickr by Frank Jania

You and your guests are likely going to spend the majority of your time sitting down or chilling in the living room. So, it’s important to make sure that your seating is comfortable and looks great with the rest of the hpuse. If this means that you have to shell out a little extra money, that’s okay. No one wants to have a lumpy, uncomfortable couch as their main source of seating.

Spend on Paint

Though paint is probably one of the economical decorating items you’ll come across, it’s also one of the most important. If you don’t have great paint, it’s going to show. Make sure that you get a hold of paint that can stand up to anything you put it through. If you have kids, paint that can be scrubbed clean without flaking is crucial. Consider adding different colors to the house as well. Don’t leave it all white, since that gets boring quickly.

Adding personality to your home can get expensive if you let it. However, if you’re careful about what you spend on house decor improvements and where you save, you’ll be happy with the results.



I currently hold editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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Tips for Eco-friendly Interior Design

Jun 17, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Interior Design

Looking for some creative tips for eco-friendly interior design for your home or office?

Like others, interior designers have also woken up to the concept of going green or making environment friendly home and offices. With the idea of using reused/recycled materials and green products now gaining popularity, interior designers have also cashed in on the eco-friendly interior design concept. This concept is actually safe and also quite commendable while keeping the environment in mind. With environment-friendly resources and materials that can be reused or recycled to create new, strong and eco-friendly products can make your home or office a fabulous place to live in.

 Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Your interior designer will create a desired eco-friendly house or office. Even you can contribute to the environment by following a few simple and innovative tips. Below are 5 tips to help you achieve your goal of an eco-friendly interior design.

1)   Use eco-friendly paint colors: The first step towards having an environmental-friendly surrounding is by applying natural paint colors. There are so many chemical-based paint colors and finishes available in the market which is actually dangerous to your health. Natural paint colors made from raw material like milk protein, clay, natural oil or other natural minerals are the safest for your health and surroundings.

2)   Eco-friendly furniture: Environment-friendly furniture means less use of wood which avoids cutting large trees. You should opt for furniture pieces from the environment-friendly companies who manufacture and deal in green products. Furniture made from bamboo is durable, easily manageable, eco-friendly and can also be used for aesthetic reasons. Recycled metal furniture is also gaining popularity now days. However, if you still prefer wooden furniture, avoid using furniture made from oak or maple trees as they need to be preserved. Instead, consider wooden furniture made from rubber wood or beech wood, that are combined with other recycled materials. These trees grow faster compared to other sturdy trees and wood is comparatively stronger. For floor rugs and carpets, consider materials made from faux fur or other eco-friendly alternative instead of using materials made from wood or leather.

3)   Reuse furniture: Many of the houses out there have wooden furniture originally made from oak or maple trees. If you want to change your furniture pieces, repair or reuse the old furniture to create a new furniture piece with a modern look instead of discarding them completely. This way you will not only contribute to the environment but also save money by reusing furniture from real sturdy wood. You can always DIY small repair works if required, and get them pieces painted with a coat of natural paint color to give an elegant finished look.

4)   Use Plants: Eco-friendly interior design is incomplete without the use of plants. Normally interior designers advise placing plants at specific areas of your house or office for fresh air and adding up to the visual beauty. Plants like English Ivy, Spider Plant, Weeping Fig or just your random flowering plants are good enough to serve the purpose.

5)   Support Eco-friendly Firms: Buying products from eco-friendly firms for your home or office supplies is a good way of supporting the environment. Eco-friendly firms usually make products from recycled supplies or materials that are safe for the environment. In order to buy green products, locate a local company producing green products or perform an online search at (as we did to get one of the images related to this article) for an eco-friendly company around your locality.

Ecolect Eco-Friendly Interior Design

image source:

Already using eco-friendly interior design material for your home or office? Know about some of the best environment friendly product manufacturing companies or design firms ? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us and the world in comments below.



I currently hold editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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Creating Harmony with Better Bedroom Design and Decoration

May 22, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

Most of the people have a chaotic life filled with work, errands, and chores that must be done. A good bedroom design plays a major role in giving your body the rest it needs.

You don’t have to be a professional decorator to have a basic understanding of the key elements of home décor. Knowing what these elements are before you decorate a bedroom helps to ensure that you achieve two of the most fundamental elements when it comes to successful interior design – balance and symmetry. Here is how with better bedroom design you can make your space more harmonious:

Balance and Symmetry

Balance and symmetry are the elements that achieve an overall harmony within the design choices made when decorating a bedroom – or any room.

When we use the term “balance”, it means that no one area or element of the room overpowers, or is “more important” than other areas or elements. This does not imply that having a focal point in your bedroom is “wrong.”

A focal point is an element in the room that the eye is drawn to first. In many cases when decorating a bedroom this will be the bed. It could also be a dynamic, colorful mural on a wall. Perhaps it is an ornate dresser or mirror. It could be the view out of the bedroom window. Understanding the element of balance when decorating a bedroom assists you when making choices outside of the focal point.

Symmetry impacts this overall sense of a balanced, unified visual impact when decorating a bedroom. There are three types of symmetry:

  • Rotational Symmetry – A simple example of rotational symmetry is a flower. In a flower, the petals rotate around a central point. How you might use rotational symmetry when decorating a bedroom would be to place a grouping of mirrors on a wall with smaller mirrors encircling a larger mirror.
  • Reflective Symmetry – If you place an object against a mirror, the image is reflected – in other words, a “mirror image.” When decorating your bedroom you would be using reflective symmetry by placing the same bedside tables at either side of the bed. Another example of reflective symmetry can be two, same size pieces of framed art hung on a wall. A further example is placing two of the same vases at either end of a dresser.
  • Translational Symmetry – This type of symmetry repeats a specific element in a pattern where the element is repeated at equal distances, or distances that are different, but keep to a repeated pattern of the same sequence of distance. Think of patterns on wallpaper and tile patterns.

The Usual Suspects: Line, Texture and Color

Now that we’ve got a basic grasp of the importance of balance and symmetry when decorating a bedroom we are ready to talk about elements of décor that most of us are more familiar with: color, texture, and line. We now know the importance of considering how particular choices we make as to color, texture, and line must relate themselves to the balance and symmetry within the room.

Lines Aren’t Always Straight

Designer Quilt Cover Sets

When we think of a line it usually brings to mind straight lines, such as lines that form a square or a box. However, there are many kinds of lines and they certainly are not all straight. Lines on your designer quilt covers can be horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal, curved, wavy, zigzag, dashed, or dotted. It is important to recognize that the impact of line in a room should also take into consideration that lines are not all one dimensional. The edges of particular items in a bedroom create lines.

Texture: Can you feel it?

When you decorate a bedroom you will create surfaces. A table top has a surface. A wall has a surface. Even curtains and quilt covers have a surface. There are many types of surfaces. Surfaces are most always categorized as either smooth or rough, however, there are many gradients of what can be called smooth and what can be called rough. When you decorate a bedroom you have the opportunity to use texture as an element that creates a particular character or “feel” to the room.

Color My World

Color is perhaps the element most of us think we can deal with no matter how much, or how little, decorating experience we have. At the same time, once you’re staring at paint chips, choosing what color (or color scheme) you want to use when decorating a bedroom can be a daunting experience.

Hopefully you have found the inspiration you need to come up with the right combination of ideas for you to transform your room into the oasis you need and desire. Remember, you can achieve a creative bedroom design that is fun and exciting as well as restful, all you need to do is start!

Puneet Pal

Puneet Pal

Puneet Pal is the sole proprietor of Mahal Pty Ltd., in Western Australia, a full-time professional dealing in the in the Transport sector. Puneet had his first bite of technology by working as a part-time Web developer. With a good understanding of website designing and unique concepts of digital devices, his works includes mostly the latest advancements in the hi-tech design market. Puneet’s design work includes, and not limited to, Party Images. His wife is an Italian, blessed with a daughter and struggling to ease out the tight business schedule, Puneet nurture his interest of writing as a savior from the ever running work. You can connect with him on facebook.

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Top 3 Feng Shui Tips for Your Living Room

Feb 2, 2013     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

The living room is the space where people, whether your own family members or guests, come together and interact with each other. So, living rooms should enhance peace, serenity and harmony. Here are some Feng Shui tips that can be applied to your living room regardless of whether it is small or large in size. You should feel really safe, comfortable and positive while spending your time in your living area, which might thus help to enhance the overall quality of your life.

Feng Shui Compass

Feng Shui Compass

You can try to incorporate Feng Shui from the construction phase of the living room. It is always good to have a living room with a regular shape. It should have enough space for the energy to flow around and should not feel (regardless of actual size) as being too big or too small.
You can do this by using the appropriate kind of flooring or paint colors that make the room feel just big enough in size. The living room should not be higher than the dining room. It is not good to have more than 2 doors in the living room. If feasible, you can close some of them or use curtains to hide their presence. Moreover, ideal ratio of doors to window is 1:3.

Furnishings of living room:
You need to paint your living room with light and lively colors such as pinks, blues, whites etc. There should be enough natural lighting to uplift chi as per Feng Shui. Dark corners can be lighted with artificial lights so as to bring more chi to the entire living room. Furniture should be placed in such a way that it promotes conversation. Also, all furniture should face the door so that all people sitting would have a clear view of the door. But, sofas should not be too close to any door or window. It is not good to go for L shaped or floating furniture arrangements. Moreover, try to place guests in the commanding position as much as possible.

Objects for living room:
You can hang family photos on the east wall in the living room to augment significance of family. Mirrors should not be placed in a living room in such a way that it reflects the main door because it will deflect all energy. Mirrors should be placed in such a way that it reflects views that you wish to see again and again.

Do not hang pictures of aggressive animals in your living room. Use lights, plants with round leaves or mirrors to make dull corners more positive. You can have a fish tank in the north of your living room as it is a very good item to bring in good chi as per Feng Shui. As a basic rule, keep your living room clean and tidy. For many apartments where space is a major constraint, family room and living room are combined together. In such cases, try to place your television or sound system in such a way that it does not disturb guests or family members who wish to have a peaceful conversation.

Hope these top 3 Feng Shui tips will help in doing some good to your living room.

Chris has been blogging on interior design for over 4 years and has contributed numerous articles on the topic. From decorating a house in the French provincial style, to the choice of colors and furniture for a classic Victorian house, Chris has a broad experience to make spaces look stunning.



I currently hold editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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Kids Room Decor with Avant-Grade Ideas

Sep 25, 2012     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

‘The trivial talk of “good taste”, “bad taste”, “taste makers” … mistakenly believed to be authoritative judgment on houses and interiors are… clichés babbled by society hoppers and commercial entrepreneurs to soothe consumer pressure,’ says interior devotee Robsjohn-Gibblings. What is true taste then? I’d say it was historical knowledge and exposure to varied spaces, strong individual conviction and a secure inherent instinct for creating vibrant environment. Do we require the same sense of taste even for designing kid’s room? Off course! The instinct to understand the importance of “likes” and “dislikes” of the children is very crucial to depict something that they would love.

Keeping the fact in mind that kids grow fast and their taste may vary with time, decorating their room is quite a challenge. A cheerful Peony Pink girl’s room with castles on the wall, soft toys and even star-shaped night lamps equivalently for boy’s blue colored wall, Ben-Tens, basketball net and a car shaped bed. All these fascinating design may be a joyful delight for your little girl or a boy but what then when their taste starts to change and they may find all these fanciful room designs a “kiddie” play? The room decoration must be flexible and workable.  Children and teens need their own space in the house as it makes them feel ‘grown up’ and important. They must experience the interiors when they enter their room, no matter how many times it had been redesigned or reconstructed.

Kids Room Interior Design

Room themes are the most easy and efficient way to design children’s room. The excitement in the room comes from the variety of materials and textures used; different material used on the floors, walls and surfaces. The old linoleum floors are history, replaced with dark brown laminated wood and a square border of tumbled travertine tiles in earthy colors. The wall paint to be used in the room must me relaxed keeping the taste of kids in mind. Pinks, Lilacs, purple, red, yellow and green, are the best to compliment a girl’s room. Though there are always exceptions for using contrasts or textures on the wall depending on the pliability of the room. Blues, navy, dark green and other dark colors go well with boy’s room. Use artwork or sculpture in children’s space, but having something that intrigues them or has them curious about life, nature or the way something works is always a bonus. Different types of shags or tapestries can be used in the room, and also a notice board or soft-board for creativity can be added. The most crucial is to use paints which can be cleaned easily as Picasso’s and Leonardo’s are always up to something.

Proper room lighting plays an integral role in creating the right ambience for a house. Small and slightly larger concealed lights as well as table lamps offer soft look to the room. Kids’ room can have innovative lighting fixtures with different shapes and effects which really make the room hip. Lamps such as rotating blubs and musical ones are also very much adored by the kids.

All these designs and decors can be regulated in the rooms, and keeping the safety of your child in mind nothing should be compromised.

Good ideas, efficient space utilization and an elegant look, all make for a beautiful, comfortable and practical space. ‘A home should reflect the owner’s taste and personality as well as being warm and comfortable,’ says well-known interior designer Nisha Jamwal.

Milan Lamba

Milan Lamba

Milan Lamba, our only student writer contributes to the young-quirky group of writers, having mastered in English from Punjab University, Chandigarh, her flare in the language is unquestionable. Beauty and acknowledgment in her words and expressions comes effortlessly, belonging to the serene Himachal Pradesh. She discovered her love for writing through the authoritative command she has in English grammar and the love for nature. Also a painter, Milan understand the skills and pills required for carving design ideas in paper as she herself is a fashionaholic. Determined to write forever, Milan is fetching all kinds of write-ups in the design & art section along with completing Master of Philosophy. You can get in touch with her through facebook.

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Remodeling & Designing your House Flooring

Sep 21, 2012     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

When you plan on renovating or redesigning the entire house, do not forget residence floors, which are an important part of the interior design aspect. One can either do their flooring at the time of buying a new house; get floors modernized during your house remodeling project or whenever you feel that your house needs to be revamped. In any case, changing the already laid out flooring is quite a big task and can significantly transform the appearance and value of the house.

Before starting on your floor improvements project, you have to keep a number of points in mind. You should know about the types of flooring available in the market, the cost involved, are they easy to manage along with picking the best based on pattern and color of the floorings.

There are all sorts of flooring available in the market. The costs involved in remodeling the floor types vary considerably.

  • Ceramic tile floorings are basically solid stone-type tiles that are found in many designs and patterns, for example; in square and rectangular shapes.
  • Stone floorings are actual stones like marble and granite. They are strong and quite commonly used in the house overhaul.
  • Wooden floorings are made from sturdy wooden logs and normally used in regions where the temperature is very low. This is because wood pieces tend to keep house warm and cozy. However, wooden floorings are difficult to maintain and quite costly.
  • Laminated floorings are just like wooden floorings. However, they are prefinished, less costly and just glued on to the subfloor.
  • Carpet flooring gives a malleable and comfortable feeling while being offered in various colors and different price range. The feel is just like that of a fabric on the floor.
  • Vinyl flooring is comparatively cheaper than the other available options. It is essentially sheet-based and available in almost all sorts of shades and patterns.

You should be able to zero in on a particular type of flooring after knowing its pros and cons, as choosing the right design and color is quite essential for your home. Tight patterns in light colors are perfect for smaller rooms while on large rooms you have the luxury of choice. However if possible go with safe colors and patterns, keeping the wall paints in minds. This is because you normally don’t change the flooring as frequently you change the colours of the walls.

However, before getting on to remodeling your floors, you can flip a few home design magazines, search on the internet, for more information and discuss potential patterns with your interior designer to know what flooring will suit your house and go with other accessories.

House Flooring Maple in Distressed Cocoa House Flooring Maple in Distressed Ginger

We “suggest” you check out one of these 2 flooring options:



I currently hold editor-level position with and Founder as well. With a group of online & offline companies under the Soofi Group in my kitty, writing for the design genre was an interesting support to In my opinion, everyone has their taste for design, plus the scope of writing is wide and thus the contribution I make here through words would encourage me to explore this section aptly.

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Virtually Tiled – Three Dimensional Flooring

Sep 19, 2012     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

Is the concept ‘Go-Digital’ taken a bit too seriously by designers when 3D tiles entered the market? I couldn’t resist sharing this hi-tech mechanism designed for our floors and walls. Yes, it is some stunning art beyond boring ceramic tiles and red-brown wall paintings.

Interior Design - 3D Tiles

The technology is called Digitiles, where virtual methods are used to print tiles digitally and in high resolution. The variety in this type of designing is wide; you can personalize your tiles and also colors through six-color prism printing technology for premium quality output. The matter used can be as simple as used for normal tiles like stone, wood, marble, etc. though the marble finished are long lasting. If you can increase the scale of luxury, textures in metallic, copper, steel and patterns in gold, bronze, silver may be used. The finished product is easy to clean, odor free, smooth finishing on the edges and corners and can be customized as per customers taste.

“Digital Tiles with a natural finish are in great demand. These tiles add instant glamour and panache to any space. This new rage that has been created using innovative digital printing provides enthralling natural material finishes. As elegant as natural materials, tiled floors are easier to lay, look more fashionable and are quite sustainable” says Sanjeev Ranjan, Dy GM Marketing, Somany Ceramics Ltd. Shades of reds, peach and brown in diagrammatical shapes for both walls and floors are increasingly being used in restaurant and cafeteria, as the overall visualization of the design is very chic and modern. The versatility of digitiles is spotless and thus it’s a hot sale in market. The architectonic formation of these tiles is varied, a mosaic figure, collage, abstract for walls and techno colors for flooring, its super demanded!

The tiles are available in limited sizes to fit places but then that is function based. The designer can use it for a room with all plain walls, 3D tiles used on wall and it will draw out elegancy naturally. This minimizes too music drama in the décor. Portraits can be used in place of paintings and lot of experiments can be done with kid’s room pertaining to colored 3D tiles.

The idea is to go beyond paint and paper. Various dimensional tiles and sizes should be used by the interior designer to enhance space and height wherever required. For bathrooms, barrier free, joint free and smaller tile should be used. The living room may be donned with bold colors and eccentric patterns. The natural or photo like finish, any of them, may be attained as per room décor. As the concept is three dimensional, it should be a visual treat.

Companies like Johnson, Somany, Nitco, DIY and Zenith are some of the brands where these 3D tiles are easily available.

image source:

Raman Sandhu

Raman Sandhu

Raman Sandhu has rushed and brushed her career with the fancy corporate world, yet still aiming advanced mechanism in human resources. Writing was never inherited, it is simply her flare of expression in anything and everything that she finds her interest of say! If readers can imagine what’s expressed through pen by Raman, its definitely a win-win situation for her. She has started writing with an experimented and quite varied genre of designs, and different aspects. While working as a human resource manager with an architect company, the language of design and decor is always easy to understand for her. You can connect with Raman through facebook profile.

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“Classic Furnishing” An Asset to your Home

Sep 18, 2012     No Comments    Posted under: Design Tutorials, Interior Design

After more than an hour on pot-hole ridden, carbon monoxide choked roads, when you enter your place your eyes would search for the arm-chair where you could spend the most relaxed and peaceful time of the day. Jaclyn Joslin an interior designer and the owner of coveted home furnishing company believe that “a comfortable and beautiful house can change your life…”.

During Jaclyn’s various home decorating projects, she had very well come across that the clients are willing to buy classic and elegant furnishings.

She is of the view that there are many factors contributing to a good home and Classic furniture gives a sense of satisfaction to the people. It has its own charm and beauty which makes it the more likable. Even old and outdated furniture can buoy up your place, new paint and few alterations here and there would make your old and weary furniture look elegant and gorgeous.

Decorating a new house is similar to attaching the pieces of puzzle together, looking for look-alikes and shapes. The location of the furniture is to be reworked like the kitchen chairs moving in lounge area, the living room table in dining room or the wooden desk going into the study room. You may do this without actually spending too much of money on purchasing expensive furniture which may look out of place.

Classic Furnishing

In the present scenario people are quite “brand” conscious, spending a large amount on merchandise and accessory, while home furnishing is still a laid back interest to put money on, though it got a lasting life! A small section of people are willing to spend money on home decor to embellish there residence mostly out of renovations or reconstruction situations. Such investments on classic furniture adds grace and beauty to your home. I don’t believe these pieces can ever be outdated or out of style, and is still considered epic through the artistic designs of the renowned designers like Billy Baldwin, Dorothy Draper, and David Hicks etc. as their style even today is considered remarkable.

“Stick to things you really like and love. An honest room is always up-to-date.” Billy Baldwin, designer, couldn’t more aptly convey the emotional factor attached with relevant furnishings. A home is a reflection of your life style and culture. Anything traditional chosen for your space will enhance these cultured values.

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